PODS Spring Show – Announcement

Here it is, the official announcement of the spring show that we’ve been hinting about for over a month now.

Quick Summary

  • The theme is water, your photos should address this in some manner.
  • Our judge is Chase Fountain, who recently presented at our monthly meeting.
  • Submissions due by April 17.
  • Show reception will be Saturday, May 23 at Mazama.
Last year's spring show

Last year’s spring show

The Details

  1. “Water” theme – photos can must deal with water in some fashion.
    We’d like to interpret this somewhat liberally, so anything from landscapes of rivers to macro photos of dewdrops to ice and snow to clouds should be acceptable, but pushing it to “the human body is mostly water, so this portrait should count” is clearly out of bounds. The judge will have the final decision.
  2. You must be a member of PODS to enter. New members can join for pro-rated dues.
  3. Please make images family-friendly.
  4. Photos that have been shown in past PODS shows are not eligible.
  5. Entries must be received by the deadline given above.
  6. Fees:
    – $3 per entry up to 5 entries.
    – Each additional entry is $5
    – Submit your entry fee to
    John Hoag, Treasurer
    1013 Windmill Rd.
    Dripping Springs, TX 78620
    Make check to “Photographers of Dripping Springs”
  7. By your submission, you authorize PODS to display your image(s) and otherwise promote the show and the club, including possible distribution a video-resolution image in a slideshow video and photobook of the show, but of course you retain your full copyright.
  8. In general, producing a print is optional. But for any images chosen for specific awards, you agree to provide a framed print(s) for the Show/Sale.
  9. All artists entering are guaranteed to have at least one photograph chosen for exhibition.

Specs for Entry

Note that these specs have changed since past shows to allow us to produce better quality photobook commemorating the show.
Submit digital files for judging.
  • JPEG format
  • You only need to submit one image, up to 3000 pixels on the largest edge. But if you’re concerned with sharpness at different resolutions, you may submit up to two sizes – we’d like a higher-resolution image for printing, and a smaller one for screen display. Submitting a single image is fine, but if you’d like a second copy that’s sharpened specially for screen or print, you may send that as well.
    • Suggested for screen display: 1000 pixels maximum dimension on any side. Since this is the digital show, this screen-optimized version is what the judge will be given.
    • Suggested for print: 3000 pixels maximum dimension on any side.
  • If your image doesn’t conform to these specs, we’ll try to convert it for you, but PODS is not responsible for the result.
  • Submit via email as attached files, to PODS.Show@gmail.com

Naming standards


FirstInitial is the first letter of your first name
Lastname is your last name
dash (-) separates your name from image name and size


About our judge

Our judge will be Chase Fountain, recent speaker out our monthly meeting. Mr. Fountain is one of the official photographers of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, and founder of Plum Creek Photography club.  With over 25 years of professional experience his work has been published in hundreds of publications and media outlets including: Texas Parks and Wildlife magazine, Texas Monthly, Southern Living, National Geographic Explorer, Austin American Statesman, Dallas Morning News and Houston Chronicle, NY Times, and many published books. Chase lives in Kyle, TX with his wife, Laura, of 19 years, and his two daughters Haley 15 and Hannah 13.