Fall Gallery Show: official announcement

We’d already said that our fall show at Wesley Gallery will be opening October 10, with a monochrome theme. Here are more details.

Introducing our judge, Carla Ellard

Carla Ellard received her Masters in Library and Information Science from the University of Texas-Austin and a Bachelor of Science in Photography at East Texas State University (now A&M-Commerce).

She has been the Curator, Southwestern & Mexican Photography, at the Wittliff Collections at Texas State University since 2013, where she started as Assistant Curator in 2000. She has previously juried other photography shows for the A Smith Gallery, Seguin Art League, and Texas State campus photography club.

She has also participated in the Valley Land Fund photo contest, and appreciates the patience, technique/skill, and serendipity required for producing nature photographs.


  • Submissions due August 29 – that gives you one month
  • Judge’s decisions by September 12
  • Best time to submit prints is the September meeting, 9/25 – but that only gives you two weeks, so we’ll have to allow for later submissions as well


  • All entries should be monochrome. Note that this doesn’t necessarily mean “black and white”. For example sepia-toned images are fine. The point is that they just use one color. The way you acquire the image – whether conventionally, or IR, or whatever, is up to you.
  • Basic entry fee is $15, which lets you submit up to 5 images. You can enter more images if you like, at an additional fee of $5 each.
  • You must be a member of PODS to enter.
  • Email entries to Show@gmail.com. Look for an acknowledgment. Remember, if you didn’t get an acknowledgment, then we didn’t get it.
  • As in the past, every entrant will have at least one image chosen to display.
  • Unlike the digital show, all selected images must be printed and framed (or otherwise prepared for professional-quality display).


The Fine Print

  1. Please make images family-friendly.
  2. Photos that have been shown in past PODS shows are not eligible.
  3. Entries must be received by the deadline given above, and must be acknowledged.
  4. By your submission, you authorize PODS to display your image(s) and otherwise promote the show and the club, including possible distribution a video-resolution image in a slideshow video and photobook of the show, but of course you retain your full copyright.
  5. The specs for submission sizes were causing too much confusion, so feel free to just send in a hi-res jpeg, and we’ll size it appropriately. If you really want to do it yourself, contact PODS.Show@gmail.com for details.

Entry file naming standards

FirstInitial is the first letter of your first name
Lastname is your last name
dash (-) separates your name from image name


Specifications for printing

  1. We’re looking for a 16×20 matt.
  2. The size of the actual photo inside the matt is up to you, or just use a 16×20 photo with no matt, but we’re trying to get the overall product similarly sized.
  3. If the aspect ratio of your image is a little off, that’s OK within reason. Contact the show email if you have questions.
  4. A reasonably-sized frame, such that the overall size of the whole think is no more than 20×24.
  5. Alternate presentation types (like aluminum or lucite) are OK, so long as they’re high-quality with a professional look.
  6. Please put a wire or some kind of hook on the back for hanging.