April Field Trips


LOCATION:    Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, Austin

DATE:  April 17th

TIME:  10:00 AM

DETAILS: Bring tripod, macro or shorter focal length lens, neutral polarizer if you have one and any other equipment you like to use.  Come willing to share your knowledge or what you’ve researched on how to capture the beauty horticulture.  Lets make this a learning/sharing experience for all and have some fun together talking and taking photos.

Bring plenty of water.  There is a restaurant there but you are welcome to bring your own lunch (you might have to eat it out at your vehicle).  So remember money if you plan to eat there.


Hot Air Balloons at Horseshoe Bay   April 19th

Not a PODS field trip, but might be of interest to members.

Saturday morning and evening events open to the public.  More info at this link:


Early, Early morning.  See website link (above) for details on dawn lift off.    Let someone know on PODS Facebook page know if you want to go maybe you can rally a few and car pool.  Facebook: Photographers Of Dripping Springs

Maybe head up the night before?  Be sure to research and know your settings for low light photography to catch that balloon glow as they fill before accession.  Tripod or not?  Bring telephoto and shorter lenses.  Filters work well if you like to be creative what about throwing a gel in front of your lens for a different effect if you live on the wild side.  Surely you do if you are getting up for this event!

Wear layers & bring your hot coca!   Who am I kidding no time to drink only time to shoot!  Have fun.   Caution:  Due to winds this launch could go fast.  Due to weather it could be cancelled be prepared for non lift it’s part of the sport.  Maybe have a plan B up your sleeve!

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