3RD Annual Digital Show Details-Members Only

The Digital Show Committee has come up with brand new set of rules and guidelines for the 3rd annual digital show.  See all the details below.

If you have questions comments or concerns please call the contact listed below.

Not a member yet?  Not a problem if you act now!  Read below and see how you can join P.O.D.S.  with plenty of time to enter into this show.

Have fun and Good Luck!                -Jennifer Kuykendall VP


PODS Digital Show 2014 is set! This is our 3rd annual Digital Show, and with your help, we’ll make it the best yet.

Saturday, April 5–Deadline to submit digital files of your entries, with bio and portrait.

Money Prizes for Best of Show & at least two Honorable Mentions—at least $100 for Best of Show.
Entry Fees: $3 per entry, 1-5 entries. $5 per entry after 5.

Every member should enter—you’re guaranteed that one entry will be accepted. Maximum 3 may be accepted—the total show will include about 40 images. Must be a member to enter, but new members can join for the pro-rated April dues–$18.

Theme is Open. Enter your best images, provided they weren’t selected in our previous 4 shows. (No Nudity please)
Submit your entries to PODS.Show@gmail.com Be sure you get a confirmation email reply—if not call Chris Wuestefeld at (908) 291-1190.

Digital Files: Should be 1000 pixels on longest dimension, JPEG, sampled @ 72ppi. Min/Max file size: 300KB to 5MB.
File Naming: Name-of-Image-FirstInitialLastName.jpg
Such as Waterfall-prummel.jpg or Branches-of-Heaven-msmith.jpg
• dash (-) separates the image name and first letter of your name.
• Firstinitial is the first letter of your first name.
• Lastname is your last name

Portrait/Bio. Include with your emailed submission a portrait photo of yourself with the same specs as above, preferably square or nearly square. Also include a “bio” of 20-100 words, such as an “Artist’s Statement” or a simple description of your background and interests. These will be used to create your ID slide, to accompany your selected photo(s) in the digital show.

Payment: You can bring your entry fee to this month’s meeting Thursday, March 27, or mail to John Hoag, Treasurer / 1013 Windmill Rd. / Dripping Sps, TX 78620.

JUDGE: We’re honored that Brian Lofton, President of Austin Shutterbug Club, will be our judge for our 2014 Digital Show. Brian will be giving the presentation at this month’s meeting.
We’re getting a new, larger display for the digital show, which will be placed in business locations throughout the Dripping area this Spring.

SHOW/SALE @ Trudy’s 4 Star Restaurant, Sunday May 25, 3-7pm. Trudy’s has again agreed to host our Show/Sale in their Patio area.
By your submission, you authorize PODS to display your image(s) and distribute a video-resolution image in a slideshow video, but of course you retain your full copyright. You also agree to provide a framed print(s) for the Show/Sale. Specs on framed prints will be given shortly—they will be due at or before the meeting May 22. Prices will be set by and go to the individual artist.

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