Neon portion of PODS FEB. field trip 2014

Field Trip – SUCCESS!

We met at Güero’s on Congress right before sunset to start of the evening with a session photographing NEON we learned about a dreamy shot VS. a crisp shot and where your best positioned to capture the blue sky right after the sunsets (yes you can get “blue” out of the sky for a great shot).  We experimented with the light and how it reflects light onto the building and photographed neon in and through windows.  NEXT we photographed LIGHT TRAILS and moved along to PAINTING WITH LIGHT by using flashlights, light gloves, finger lights and even attempted lighting hair spray to see what effects would come if that.  We ate at Güero’s and then called it a night.  A great time for all.  It’s been suggested we do a followup at a members house with a potluck dinner.  This will happen in the near future so now’s your chance to become a member and attend that event.

MARCH’s events will be planned by our own DAVE WILSON so look forward to those posts in the near future.

Get ready for spring flowers everybody!  I have some great spots for you I will post on our Yahoo groups for those of you who are members.  Lets caravan!    Posted by Jennifer Kuykendall -VP


WHY: To photograph light at night. To see the different art effects you can create with your camera.

Neon/Fire-hairspray- WHAT?  possibly  /flashlight/ light trail

Subject to all of the above or some of the above due to weather

Tools needed: Camera, remote shutter release, Tripod, Miniature LED Flashlight, Warm Clothing, Money for dinner

LOCATION: We will meet at Güero’s on Congress at 1412 South Congress Ave. There is a parking garage behind the restaurant

TIME: 6:00 the sun is due to set at 6:25  we will photograph neon before the sun sets and the rest after and then eat.

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